Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lordy, Lordy...!

Russia Today continue to bolster their reputable news credentials by talking to none other than one of them kids wot made Loose Change, Jason Bermas. He's made a new film seeking to expose the New World Order. Rather brave of him, I think. Imagine the power the New World Order must weild and here he is blurting it out on Kremlin propaganda station, Russia Today. I would think that would upset them.

Anyway, I haven't watched it yet so if there are any interesting or unintentionally comic moments please summarize in the comments box.

I think I'll try not to watch any more Russia Today, it's making my brain bleed.

Update: While Jason Bermas was talking to Russia Today, his collaborators on Loose Change, Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe were being interviewed for ABC's Nightline. As Avery shrewdly surmises ABC had turned up at the "Treason in America" conference thanks to the news that Pentagon "rage-shooter", John Patrick Bedell was a 9/11 Truther. But instead of answering any questions for fear of providing the Mainstream Media with easy-to-mock soundbites he ends up providing easy-to-mock angry histrionics. I hope, for his sake, he doesn't behave like this at job interviews... or go there with that haircut!

The Nightline segment finally came out looking like this:

Hat tip: Screw Loose Change


angrysoba said...

Well, I watched it and, as I suspected, it made my brain bleed. The first thing that Jason Bermas said was "Throughout history men of power have seeked..."

Oh my word! I hope his analysis of world events is superior to his verb conjugation.

I listened to the rest and decided it wasn't.

Alec said...

My mum thinks al-Jaz and Russia Today report little-known events.

PS First time I saw a real single word in this verification thingie... squid.

angrysoba said...

My mum thinks al-Jaz and Russia Today report little-known events.

Well, they certainly do that. They expose the little-known secret societies and secret earthquake-making machines that the MSM want to cover up!

As for al-Jazeera, there are two news outlets that go by that name and which are completely different. Al-Jazeera Magazine, or "al-Jaz Mag", even has its own conspiracy theory section. Whereas Al-Jazeera (English) is, I'm sure, as reputable as Fox News and not at all conspiratorial.

The Word Verification thingie springs up a lot of strings of letters that should be words even if they aren't.

This time it says "plard" which the urban dictionary has a definition for.