Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am Not, Nor Have I Ever Been, a Member of the Truth Movement!

Japanese Diet lawmaker, Yukihisa Fujita of the Democratic Party Japan, was a bit annoyed to have had a Washington Post editorial ridiculing him for being a standard-bearer for 9/11 Truth. So he decided to opt for a standard tactic of the Truth Movement which is to disavow any conspiracy theorizing and instead claim to be just asking questions.

He's hit back with a blogpost, translated here, in which he claims:

At no point did I draw the conclusion that 9/11 was a conspiracy, and I clearly stated that the collapse of the Twin Towers could not be judged to be a result of a controlled demolition. Rather, I stated I had made my speech in the Diet from the stance that it was necessary to investigate the origins of the “War on Terror” from the perspective of assisting the relatives of the victims of 9/11, and in relation to the war in Afghanistan and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

Is this true? (Spoiler warning: NO!)

Fujita's performance in the Diet can be assessed from the following videos. It looks like he's employing the same tedious pedantic questions and supposed concern for the Japanese victims of 9/11 when Fujita himself shows no apparent evidence of speaking on behalf of the victims' families. He merely asks why the Japanese government didn't conduct their own investigation.

Part 2 is here. He first starts out with questions about why the Pentagon didn't have a plane-shaped hole in its side about the width of a 757 and shows a photograph in which a massive gaping hole to the left is clearly visible. He continues to recycle old Truther myths about no wreckage on the lawn and the hole caused by the landing gear couldn't possibly have been made by a plane, Hani Hanjour who piloted the 757 obviously couldn't have hit the Pentagon etc...etc... all the time, no doubt, just asking questions which he would be more than happy to get the answers to. Of course, all of this has been answered, much of his questions are based on wrong premises and he may look back and be profoundly embarrassed one day. Then again, maybe everyone had an entertaining time at the Diet that day.

Part 3 blows Fujita's claim that he didn't believe in or consider a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers as he produces yet more stock material from the Truther's vault such as photographs of the firefighters talking about explosions and how it looked like there was a plan to bring down the buildings. He later gives a Richard Gage-like demonstration of free-fall to explain how WTC7 fell by dropping the 9/11 Commission Report. :-D LOL!

Thanks, I suppose, to "AfterTruth" for putting these videos up (and others about chemtrails - groovy!) even though the same person added a sneaky clip of Larry Silverstein saying "pull it" at the end and implied it was a reference to controlled demolition by referencing Implosion World's use of the term "pull". In good time-honoured lying-Truther fashion the rest of the article around the term pull is blurred but it is just possible to make out the fact that "pulling" a building in controlled demolition parlance is to literally pull a building down with cables. As with many other pieces of Truther "evidence" it has been so blatantly manipulated that it can't have been an honest mistake.

Update:Yukihisa Fujita has written a letter to the Washington Post to complain about the way that the interview was conducted, to point out that his views are not those of his party or government and that, anyway, there is nothing wrong with his views which aren't at all those of a conspiracy theorist...

I believe I am owed an apology for this attempt to damage my credibility by painting me with "poisonous thinking," "conspiratorial views," "intellectually bogus," "lunatic fringe" and "reckless and fact-averse," despite the fact that I had never stated "conspiracy" as such.

Here he is sat next to David Ray Griffin on a panel which also includes Benjamin Fulford and Yumi Kikuchi at a 9/11 Truther convention held in Tokyo in 2008.

And again.

Thanks to NagP for the finding the pictures and the letter to the Washington Post editor.

Update 2: Fujita has now been given a slap on the wrists by DPJ bigwig Tenzo Okumura.


NagP said...

I found a picture of Fujita sitting next to DRG.

The picture is from the Tokyo conference held two years ago.

Also see here.

angrysoba said...

Thanks NagP but for some reason I can't see those pictures.

NagP said...

I'm sorry.
The URL was wrong.

Try these.

angrysoba said...

Thanks very much for those pictures. Quite an array of conspiracy theorists, Benjamin Fulford (古法道?), David Ray Griffin, Yumi Kikuchi. I don't know Morita. Do you know?

NagP said...

Morita is the man who's married with Yumi Kikuchi.
This is his blog,
He's a New Ager.

童子丸開(Doujimaru Kai) is one of the 911CT spreader in Japan.

成澤宗男(Narusawa Muneo) is also a 911CT spreader.
This is one of his books.

angrysoba said...


Morita's blog looks just like Yumi's.

Doujimaru Kai's website has some interesting graphics explaining how the WTC exploded. I suppose ガレキ is rubble or debris and he's asking how so much of it reached the outer buildings and why there was no rubble pile. Is that right? It's a bit difficult for me to read everything on his site.

Is he right that the photograph showing something still standing is part of the core?

I haven't heard of Narusawa either, but I like the title of his book: "9/11 Enigma: Has the whole world been fooled?"

Well, I think AE9/11 are trying to do just that.

NagP said...

Oops, I miss-read the chinese character.
童子丸開 is not "Doujimaru Kai".
It has to be "Doujimaru Akira".


NagP said...

BTW, there will be another 911CT meeting in Kansai area.
This time it will be in Kyoto University on April 18th.

First they will show an independent movie called "To the Children of 911".
Then, there will be a lecture by Kikuchi Yumi,
and there will be an open discussion by Kikuchi and two professors.
西牟田祐二 from Kyoto University,
藤岡 惇 from Ritsumeikan Universty.

angrysoba said...

Thanks for the news, NagP. One's a professor of German history and the other's a professor American something-something theory, is that right?

NagP said...

Yep, German modern history and American economy.

angrysoba said...

Ah! Then I have already met Prof. Fujioka (?) at Richard Gage's Ritsumeikan University slideshow presentation.

Do you think you will go to this one?

NagP said...

Although I have to waste my Sunday afternoon,
I am thinking about going.
Because this one's in Kyoto University,
one of the most respected universities in Japan
(next to the University of Tokyo).

I would like to see the response of the students there.
I also want to know how deep Prof. Nishimuta (西牟田) believes in 911CT.

angrysoba said...

Because this one's in Kyoto University,
one of the most respected universities in Japan
(next to the University of Tokyo).

Yes, this is quite big. Do you know if this is a debate between the two professors?

Of course, neither of them are actually professors of science so it would be strange if they start talking about controlled demolitions. In fact, it doesn't seem like either of them has any expertise in any relevant field at all.

By the way, I think that it is easier to sell these conspiracy theories if the students don't have any independent way of researching for themselves. For example, they can say (as Thierry Meysan and David Ray Griffin did) that eyewitnesses reported seeing a "cruise missile with wings" hit the Pentagon and it will be difficult for the students to indepedently verify it if they don't speak English. This is why I wonder if they will be able to do this.

Do you know the book, 陰謀論の罠 by Hideji Okina? I have that book and it debunks a lot of the 9/11 conspiracy theories as well as a few others such as the FDR-knew-about-Pearl-Harbor conspiracy theory.

Hideji Okina says he used to be a conspiracy theorist and wrote a conspiracy book about JFK. Not long after publishing it he read a book on the JFK assassination by someone who also used to be a conspiracy theorist but who changed his mind. Hideji Okina also came to the conclusion that there had been no conspiracy and since then seems to have been interested in debunking other conspiracy theories and researching why people believe them.

I can lend you the book if you like, or you can probably find it in Kinokuniya. It's only about 1000 yen.

NagP said...

Thank you.
But don't worry. I have the book.
I have many books about 911.

BTW, do you know this news?

Fujita says he is regretting what he said...

angrysoba said...

Fujita says he is regretting what he said...

Thanks. No, I hadn't seen it.

9/11 Blogger did have the story though:


I haven't really been paying that much attention to it.

I think this story is a little bit strange. Not in a "Oh-my-God, the US government did 9/11" way but it does seem to have some connection to the wrangling over Futenma. In particular the Washington Post editorial seemed keen to embarrass the DPJ over Fujita's ideas.

Do you think that Hatoyama's attempts to bring in New Komeito has something to do with trying to isolate the Social Democratic Party?

NagP said...

Many people think that the W-Post's article is a part of US pressure against DPJ.
Fujita has been used.

But I'm not sure it is directry related to Futenma.

angrysoba said...

Well, I definitely think there is something unusual about the Washington Post's editorial and wondered if it is some kind of US pressure on Hatoyama's government but Fujita can't really claim he's been misrepresented. He pushed the conspiracy theory in the Diet so he can't pretend that his conspiracy theorizing is a purely private matter.

He spoke with Alex Jones on Jones' show as well.

Also, there is another MP, Tsuyoshi Saito who is a conspiracy theorist apparently.

Anonymous said...

Hey cool, this is just like SLC, except theres only two homos and not three. Anyways, why are you guys still doing these weird blogs?
911 shit is old news, nothing will come of it. And leave the Jap alone.

angrysoba said...

Hey cool, this is just like SLC, except theres only two homos and not three. Anyways, why are you guys still doing these weird blogs?
911 shit is old news, nothing will come of it. And leave the Jap alone.

Well, hey! Anonymous of Pennsylvania, who cares enough to even read this 911 shit?

Oh, you do!

Do you spend a lot of your time looking for "homo" conversations to read?

I bet you do.

Anonymous said...

O wow you "trackered" me!

What do you know, a coincidence!
Anyways, you didnt answer my question.
Why the outdated blog? I`d be damned if i`d waste my free time typing short novels on something i know to be entirely false. Why not investigate something that would help the people? I`m sure theres lots of things in this big old world to be nitpicked by such critical thinkers such as yourself.

angrysoba said...

Why not investigate something that would help the people?

Because, like you, I spend far too much of my time looking at blogs and message boards that I think aren't worth my time and then commenting on them.

What were you doing reading Screw Loose Change, JREF's 9/11 subforum and my own whimsical musings?

Anonymous said...

Youre not like me at all, angrybozo.
Nice way to dodge a good question.
My free time is enjoying the outside and being away from the internet. Your time is wasted arguing with people you consider crazy. What a life. Anyways, i wont bother you further big guy, i know how busy you are saving the world from the loonies. Good day.

angrysoba said...

Not sure what you mean. You spend more time on my blog than I do.

Oh well...

See ya!

Wouldn't want to be ya!