Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amy Goodman Harassed by WACjobs

We Are Cranks Change have a video up celebrating their successful harassment of left-wing journalist Amy Goodman. Goodman was actually at the scene of the collapse of WTC7 and because of her reputation for investigative journalism and questioning of government abuses of power she has unfortunately become a target for 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

In the video she does agree with some of the conspiracy theorists that further investigation of 9/11 is necessary and she has specified before that such things as the toxicity of the air over Ground Zero should be looked into (something that plenty of non-conspiracy theorists can agree with). But her apparent indulgence of them JAQing off to her has led to her being pursued everywhere she speaks with them demanding that she does some investigation herself (rather than them do it themselves perhaps?) This is typified by the guy with the megaphone yelling at one of her talks captured, apparently approvingly, in this video.

Well, no doubt they do consider themselves to be radical kids fighting the power but it tends to be the kind of thing that irritates the radical left as explained here by one of the editors of Counterpunch.

Maybe they see one of the "elder statesmen" of 9/11 Truth, nutjob Kevin Barrett, as their example. Here he is in action at one of Goodman's talks asking her when she's going to investigate the "controlled demolitions". Well, nothing wrong with waiting his turn to ask a question even if it is nuttier than the nuttiest nut in Nutland on National Nutday. But her answer that she thinks 9/11 should be further investigated has led her to be focus of other Truthers.

The video continues with Kevin Barrett speaking to Goodman after the show asking her to sign a book which she politely declines to do, probably because it is written by the Holocaust-denying weirdo Eric Hufshmid.

If anything this harassment by WAC only goes to further demonstrate that indulgence of 9/11 conspiracy theorists with an "open mind" is far more dangerous than simply calling them loons and telling them to shut up and go away. But don't take my word for it. Kevin Barrett has said the same on his own website:

"Amy, you will one day find yourself on the scaffold, condemned to hang alongside the other Goebbels-style traitors and mass-murder-coverup-conspirators from the corporate media you pretend to criticize.

They, at least, make no pretense of being anything but shills for the powers that be--which makes your crime infinitely worse than theirs."

Oh well, good thing I am an NWO shill and foot-soldier for the 9/11 Lies Movement.

Thanks to Parky at JREF for the heads-up.

ETA: In Dog-Bites-Man news it turns out that one of AE9/11Truth's engineers is a nutter.


FGFM said...

Looks like Amy has her hands full between the Truthers and the Teabaggers. In other news, turns out that my old pal Lee Groban (of "Cure for Insomnia" fame) is an Alex Jones fan (lower right corner).

Links Lee Likes a Lot

angrysoba said...

Looks like Amy has her hands full between the Truthers and the Teabaggers.

Is Andrew Breibart a Teabagger? He seems to have some Truther followers.

Lee Groban? Never heard of him. How does he cure insomnia?

Turn of [sic] the teevee and get some alternative views of News and History here.

Conspiracy Planet and Infowars! Almost as good as the Sunday Sport!

And just what is your government doing to the clouds?

Wake up sheeple!!!11!

Marylander said...

While I am certainly no Lefty and probably disagree with Amy Goodman on 75% of political issues, I respect her as a journalist and occasionally listen to her broadcast, Democracy Now! online. The idea that she or someone like Noam Chomsky are "shills for the state" is so utterly ludicrous it simply proves that WAC are batshit insane. I sincerely hope that the FBI is watching them.

angrysoba said...

I think it is a clear indication that they're living in their own little fantasy land. Yet again they demonstrate their one-sided skepticism by making the claim that there has been no satisfactory explanation for the collapse of WTC7 and yet need no evidence whatsoever that Goodman and Chomsky are "left gatekeepers" in the words of Barrie Zwicker. It sounds to me like they've been playing too much Dungeons and Dragons, they're in love with their own terminology and are determined to make everything fit their conception of the world.

David Ray Griffin does the same except he thinks people such as Goodman, Cockburn and Chomsky are too scared to contemplate the idea that 9/11 was an inside job. Which, of course, flatters himself and other Truthers by making themselves appear brave. It never seems to occur to them that 9/11 Truthers are the most risk-free dissidents in the world.