Friday, March 12, 2010

9/11 Truth on I'mgonnakickyoassBabble

Just as CNN had Crossfire and the BBC have HardTalk, Russia Today have...CrossTalk!

But whereas Crossfire and HardTalk set up heated adversarial contests between those of opposing views this edition of CrossTalk features three 9/11 Truthers, ex-MI5 agent Annie Machon, the head of a UK organization Re-investigate 9/11 - Ian Henshall, and this blog's favourite Truther AE9/11Troot's Richard Gage!

Richard Gage says you don't have to be a scientist to agree with his "pure science, pure fizzikz" and that nobody can argue with it. That wraps that one up then.

Then some conspiracy theorist called Ian Henshall comes on to protest about being smeared and having strawman arguments made against him and guilt-by-association accusations. Then almost immediately after he characterises the "official story" as some guy in a cave directing 17 [sic] hijackers to fly into buildings and that anyone who believes it is a conspiracy theorist.

They also complain that no one will ever debate them but hang on a minute is that Richard Gage nodding along there at the back?

People debate Richard Gage all the time. For example, here is debating Mark Roberts on the TV show with the very original name, erm...HardFire!

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