Monday, March 29, 2010

Explosion Sinking South Korean Warship May Have Killed Many: Cause Unknown

One Free Korea has a post up about the mysterious explosion aboard a South Korean vessel around the disputed "maritime border" of North and South Korea.

The writer of the piece believes that an external explosion cannot be ruled out and yet it sounds quite a lot like the USS Maine incident, which I've written a few blogposts on before, and which was more likely an accident.

According to the BBC, South Korean divers have made it to the wreckage of the Cheonan but haven't heard any signs of life coming from within where over 40 crewmembers may have perished.

The speculation seems to be that it was either an accident or possibly a drifting mine - possibly laid by North Korea and never retrieved. But there aren't any "Remember the Cheonan, To Hell with Pyongyang!" headlines yet.

No word on that apparently from North Korea's KCNA who instead have a stirring story about new propaganda posters that have just been produced:

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- New posters were produced to encourage all the servicepersons and people in their great drive to build a great prosperous and powerful nation in hearty response to the joint editorial this year and the joint calls of the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The poster "Every effort for the construction of the Huichon Power Station!" created by the Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House depicted with simple and distinct stroke the heroic spirit of the builders of the power station, their hearts burning with the fixed faith that when the Party is determined, we can do anything.

The poster ardently calls on the whole party and army and all people to come out as one and dash ahead at "the Huichon speed," a new Chollima speed to contribute to hastening the construction of the power station and solving the shortage of electricity.

Among the new posters are the posters "We farmers are responsible for agriculture!", "Let's carry out rice-transplantation effectively in the right season!" and "Let the whole party and state and all people give strong help to the countryside!"

These posters show agricultural workers working hard in a vast cooperative field, keenly aware of their mission to make a main contribution to improving the people's standard of living, tractors carrying manure to fields, trucks transporting farm materials and helpers of farms. They vigorously arouse all the working people to the drive for implementing the Party's policy of agricultural revolution.

Also, B.R Myers has an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that while it might not be the end of the world in 2012, it could be the end of the Kim regime.

Thanks to Greywolf for the heads-up on the article.

Some useless idiots give their support to the DPRK by picketing the US and "running-dog south Korean" embassies in London!

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