Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tony Judt's Grim Calculations

I hadn't realized until I looked at Aaronovitch Watch (a site which monitors the so-called Decent Left), today that Tony Judt has motor neurone disease.

I have a collection of his essays, Reappraisals, which features some excellent pieces on Arthur Koestler, Primo Levi, Albert Camus and others and is introduced with a variation of this essay which ponders how to make sense of a post-Cold War world.

This video of him, now quadriplegic, appearing in the Guardian, is a mostly dispassionate account in which he wrestles with the implications of his irreversible decline from this disease and the grim calculations he is forced to come to terms with.


Clark said...

Hi Angrysoba,

this is from Clark, commenter on Craig Murray's site. I'd like to have a private dialogue with you; I've looked around your site, but I can't find a 'contact me' button or anything. I'd rather not publish an e-mail address.

Apart from that, thanks for the 'Extreme Ice Loss' video. I'd like a copy of this in a video format - I hate the 'Flash Player' - if you know where I could find one, a link on your blog would be nice.

Best wishes,

angrysoba said...

Hi Clark,

Thanks for dropping by. I have tried to set up a contact mail address but something seems to have gone wrong with it.

I've just set up a new account which is:


If you have any difficulty sending it to that address please tell me.

As for the "Extreme Ice Loss" video, I don't know where it can be found other than on You Tube. I discovered it on another site which debunks 9/11 theories, a German site called InfokriegTV (there is a link to that blog on the right).


Anonymous said...
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