Sunday, January 24, 2010

Apologies to President Chavez of Venezuala (and all my readers)

I apologize unconditionally to Hugo Chavez, flambouyant president of Venezuala, for repeating lies that he accused the United States of causing the earthquake in Haiti by using a "tectonic weapon".

It was pointed out by "Anonymous" in the comments section of this thread.

The story about Chavez is a fabrication. He never said any such thing. You owe your readers an apology for spreading lies.

This story appears to have no basis in reality. I was wrong!


Anonymous said...

So Russia Today just made this up?
To make Russia's of their biggest weapons purchasers look crazy? Or is this post sarcasm that I can't detect?

オテモヤン said...
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AntiCommunist Hardliner said...

I'm still waiting for a response. Are you defending Chavez, the laughing stock of the western hemisphere? Or accusing Russia Today of deliberately trying to make their biggest weapons purchaser look like a fool?
To be fair, all that is necessary to make Chavez look like a fool is to report what he says word for word.
I will enjoy watching Venezuela fall into a hyper-inflationary crisis.

angrysoba said...

AntiCommunist Hardliner,

Yes I reported the story that appeared on Russia Today and also in Press TV. Because they are two news outlets that are usually favourable to Chavez I assumed he genuinely made that allegation.

However, because I couldn't find a reliable definitive source for the claim I decided to retract.

This is interesting though, I believe this is Venezualan state media and it seems to have the story.

I don't speak Spanish, could you tell me what you think?

Marylander said...

"Terremoto experimental" de Estados Unidos devastó Haití" means
"United State's Experimental Earthquake devastates Haiti"
I can't figure out too much beyond that but there are references to HAARP and the earthquake in China. Just out of curiosity, are you Japanese or a westerner living in Japan? I enjoy your blog!

angrysoba said...

Hi Marylander, thanks very much for the encouragement. I appreciate it.

I am English and I've been living in Japan for about ten years, now. It was supposed to be only a year or two but I keep extending my stay by another year or two all the time.

I hope to put another couple of posts up during the weekend.

Thanks again.