Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Truther Goes Nuts...

..and murders his wife, attempts to kill his step-daughter and then shoots himself.

One Truther site, "What Really Happened [sic].com" has already gone into self-pity mode:

Wait ’till CNN gets ahold of this story, the spectre of the “White Supremacist” will be trotted out again… it will be mentioned that Maynard was a conspiracy theorist who railed against Blacks, Hispanics and J-ws [sic]

they grizzle.

Well,  he was a racist conspiracy theorizing nut and it appears his insane and bigotted beliefs were one factor that led to the murder of his wife and attempted murder of his daughter.

Truthers can whinge all they like about their portrayal as paranoid, Holocaust denying, anti-semitic, white supremacist loons (and they will), but it is those very paranoid, Holocaust denying, anti-semitic, white supremacist loons that give them a bad name.

It's too bad for them if the "mainstream media" end up reporting this simple truth.
From Screw Loose Change

Update: Someone in the comments box on the Screw Loose Change blog has pointed to a forum where Curt Maynard appears to have had something of a fanbase. It's a pretty sick bunch that liked his blog.

According to one "Mel Gibstein":

If I was going to take myself out Id take a boatload of Jews with me.

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