Saturday, July 24, 2010

Billary At The DMZ

I liked this picture that I saw at One Free Korea and Mr Stanton's caption so much I thought I'd put them both here:

Clinton announced the sanctions as she visited the DMZ, while accompanied by SecDef Gates, and while displaying her supernatural frost-projection powers against a hapless North Korean border guard. I count at least three priceless expressions in this photo.

Anyone have any better captions?

Meanwhile, North Korea threatens a "sacred war" with the use of nuclear deterrent. *Yawn!*


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Suhayl Saadi said...

'Eraserhead: 35 years on', or, 'This is the sweater which my granny gave me for Christmas - I told her it was just what I always wanted! Now I must wear it every day.'


Anonymous said...

How does this new article by Dean Baker in The Huffington Post fit for a conspiracy theory. "When Wall Street Rules, We Get Wall Street Rules"

Don't you think that for outlining an assault on democracy, this article beats the Dr. Kelly issue any day. Incidentally, I was rather impressed by at least one of the comments below the article. Roderick Russell