Tuesday, June 15, 2010

North Korea in the World Cup

Uh-oh! North Korea caught illegally broadcasting World Cup Games!

But North Korea's first game was a pretty impressive performance against Brazil in which they lost 2-1.

c/o One Free Korea

Update: Portugal 7 - North Korea 0 LOL!

Update 2: In light of the DPRK's highly embarrassing defeat at the hands of Portugal, some people are worried about the fate of the players.

A good article here:

When the US soccer team is getting slaughtered, Americans tend to turn their TVs off before the game's over. When Portugal slaughtered North Korea's soccer team Monday night, it was the government who turned the TVs off.

After Portugal delivered a humiliating 7-0 defeat to North Korea, the game's broadcast there immediately shut off. The team hasn't played at the World Cup in 44 years, and the authoritarian state's Korean Central TV Broadcasting Station aired Monday's game live, purportedly North Korea's first-ever live Cup broadcast. With the communist country's history of human rights violations that include public executions, many are worrying for the safety of the North Korean soccer team. Are those fears well-founded?

Please read on to find out.

Update 3: Well, that wraps that up: North Korea 0 - Ivory Coast 3


avicenne said...

7-0! After the Brazil performance I had visions of a rerun of the memorable 1966 campaign.

Did you see the North Korean player crying during the national anthem? If England had that kind of spirit they might not be facing a do or die clash with Slovenia.

angrysoba said...

It's a shame we don't get similarly misted up about our dear ole Liz isn't it?

Imagine Wayne Rooney's Shrek-like features with tears and snot running down it in a similar way to this


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

Old times:


angrysoba said...

Old times

Wow! Like old times indeed!

I see FGFM is unbuttoning his fly with ghoulish eagerness. He can't wait to urinate on another grave.

P.S is this Louis?