Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ring Them Bells

Well, as Dylan's coming to Japan next month and I'm off to watch him I thought I'd put up a video of him playing live at Todaiji Temple in Nara. Todaiji temple is, in fact, the largest wooden building in the world (and its actually a smaller reconstruction of the original) housing a great big wooden seated Buddah statue. One of the pillars holding up the great structure has a hole at its base of about the same height and width of a miniature Dachshund which is supposedly the dimensions of the great Buddah's nostril. Legend has it that if you crawl through the hole you will achieve enlightenment. I've been through it twice which is, no doubt, how I came to be so wise.

The song, Ring Them Bells, is from the "Oh Mercy" album which some say signalled Dylan's return from the messy wilderness he was wandering for much of the Eighties. This is performed in the rock with orchestra genre that kids go wild for these days.

Thanks to MalibuColonyPlaza for putting up the video and more of the same concert.

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