Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Guido Goering

Well, I have made a modification to the "X is Hitler" theme that I have used to such devastating effect before. In this case, I've gone for the much more interesting "Y is Goering" formula. Unfortunately, it is not easy for someone of my limited cartoonist skills to depict a caricature of someone as Goering but I've used the idea that he was a transvestite and that he was a bit fat and run with that.

I actually have no idea if the person in the picture is Guido Fawkes who I am attempting a lame parody of because of his nasty post on the death of some old Labour politician who I thought had died years ago, but I'll just assume it is.

Incidentally, I was reading a review of an Arthur Koestler biography in the Economist just yesterday and naturally, Michael Foot got a mention.

Amazing coincidence, that!


concrete pump said...

Your blog is shit, btw.

angrysoba said...

Thanks for your comment, GG!